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Alexandra Quinn

 Alexandra QuinnAKA: Dianne Stewart, Diane Stewart, Alexandria Stewart, Victoria Quinn, Alexandra Quinn, Alexandra Quin, Alexandria Dunn, Dianne Colazzo
Date of Birth: 25th March 1973
Nationality: Canadian
Measurements: 36D-25-36
Breasts: Fake/Enhanced
Tattoos: None
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5’6″
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Piercings: None
Notes:Reported as retired 2006.
Fan Club Address: Alley Katz Enterprises 22425 Ventura Blvd, Suite 151 Woodland Hills, CA 91364 

Alexandra Quinn Biography

Alexandra Quinn caused quite a bit of trouble for adult video producers and distributors when it was revealed that she had been working for almost 2 years while not yet 18 years old. She was not a top star like Traci Lords, so her revelations of underage porn work didn’t rock the industry quite as strongly. Still, Alexandra once again forced producers to take another look at their age screening procedures to avoid a similar embarrassment in the future. Quinn was born Dianne Stewart on March 25, 1973 in Canada. She obtained a fake Canadian passport and came to Southern California, where her false identification got her work in the one-day video quickies churning out of the porn industry.

Alexandra Quinn was a girl who ended up getting a nose job and a breast enlargement in order to try and win bigger roles in adult films. Still, she was limited to supporting roles for the length of her career. It was not until she had been in almost 100 videos that it was revealed that she had been underage for most of those films. A massive recall of her films began, and over 70 films had to be either re-editied or pulled from distribution. Among the films that had to be re-cut were ‘Edward Penishands,’ ‘Buttman’s Ultimate Workout,’ and ‘Bend Over Babes II.’ Alexandra does still have some tapes out that she shot once she turned 18, including ‘Two Times a Virgin’ and Taboo 9.’ As of 1993 Quinn had moved back to her native Toronto and left the business that she caused so much consternation within. Alexandra’s sexuality and determination have made her one of hardcore’s greatest assets.

Alexandra QuinnHer approach to pleasure caught the eye of Wicked Pictures, who has used Quinn in AVN award winning releases as “M Caught In The Act.” Whether she is being called on to deliver DPs, anals, or reams of cleverly written dialogue, Alexandra can be counted on to deliver. You have seen her on HARD COPY and EXTRA. You have marveled at her no holds barred exploits in such pulsating porn pix as ALEXANDRA I LOVE YOU. She has not looked back since. Other adult films followed, including SHAMELESS, SCREWBALLS, 2X A VIRGIN and most recently GODDAUGHTER 2. She has become a much in demand stripper and erotic entertainer. She developed her on stage moves stripping and table dancing in Canada, while still a teenager. A meeting with porn star Erica Boyer convinced Alexandra to move to the USA, where she made her mark in the XXX film world before the scandal hit. She is all grown up now , but still the same uninhibited on screen performer she always was. She’s a knockout, who always gives her all to her movies! You will have to see Alexandra Quinn in American Bukkake #20 where she get covered in hot sticky cum.



Alexandra Quinn Filmography

Alexandra Quinn Film List (click to open)

Actress (147 titles)

2006 Hot Mocha (video)

2006 The Greatest Cum Sluts Ever! (video)

2005 Suck It Dry (video) (as Alexandra Quinn)

2005 Booby Delicious 3 (video)

2003 Big Tit Swim Team (video)

2003 American Bukkake 20 (video)

2003 Cock Swallowers (video)

2003 Gangsta’ Bang V (video)

2003 Lesbian Hooter Party (video)

2003 Slutwomen (video)

2002 Filthy Little Whores 4 (video)

2002 Amateur Thrills 13 (video)

2002 Broad Strokes (video)

2002 Cumback Pussy Platinum 1: Ebony & Ivory (video)

2002 Cum Catchers (video)

2002 Forced Entry (video) The Copycat Killer’s Victim

2002 Gag Factor 9 (video)

2002 Gangbang Girl 30 (video) Alex

2002 Lady Fellatio #2 (video) (as Alexandra Quinn)

2002 Last Man Standing (video) (as Alexandra Quinn)

2002 Mason’s Dirty TriXXX 2: Necessary Roughness (video)

2002 Pink Eye (video)

2001 Pornomatic 2001 (video) Bar Fly (as Alexandra Quinn)

2001 Up Your Ass 18 (video) (as Alexandra Quinn)

2001 Anal Addicts 4 (video) (as Alexandra Quinn)

2001 DNA (video)

2001 Double Stuffed Honeys 2 (video)

2001 Blowjob Adventures of Dr. Fellatio 32 (video) (as Alexandra Quinn)

2001 Candy Stripper Stories 4 (video)

2001 Dirty Little Cocksuckers 3 (video)

2001 Heavy Metal II (video)

2001 Pussyman’s Fashion Dolls (video)

2001 Sodomania Slop Shots 9 (video)

2001 Tushy Girl Video Magazine 2 (video)

2000 Backseat Driver 13 (video) Alexandria

2000 Inside Porn (video) Cynthia Chugsalottacock

2000 Jr. College Tramps (video) Alexandra Quinn (as Alexandra Quinn)

2000 Cumback Pussy 29 (video)

2000 Cum & Chaos (video)

2000 Dark Side (video) Christine (as Alexandra Quinn)

2000 Hot Bods and Tail Pipe #15 (video) (as Alexandra Quin)

2000 In Style (video)Rosy (as Alexandra Quinn)

2000 Lord of Asses 3 (video)

2000 M: Caught in the Act (video) Waddfather Girl

2000 Pissy Girls (video)

2000 Welcum to Chloeville 2 (video)

1999 Major Rock Terri Ausin (as Dianne Colazzo)

1998 Ben Dover: Busty Blonde Bombshells (video)

1998 Ass Openers 15 (video)

1997 Ass Openers 6 (video)

1997 Bottoms Up (video) (as Alexandra Quinn)

1997 Hot Tight Asses 19 (video)

1996 Head of the Family Ernestina (as Dianne Colazzo)

1996 Hot Tight Asses 18 (video)

1996 Hot Tight Asses (video)

1993 Alexandria, I Love You (video)

1993 Groupies (video) Allison Standek (uncredited)

1992 Bush Pilots

1992 Screwballs (video)

1992 Shot from Behind (video)

1992 The Goddaughter: Part II (video) (uncredited)

1991 Curse of the Cat Woman (video) (initial video release only) (scenes cut for reissue)

1991 2 Times a Virgin (video) Laura (as Alexandra Quinn)

1991 40 Something II (video)

1991 Alley Cat (video)

1991 Anal Climax (video)

1991 Anal Revolution (video)

1991 An Innocent Woman (video)

1991 Any Port in the Storm (video)

1991 Autoerotica

1991 Bangin’ with the Home Girls (video)

1991 Bend Over Babes 2 (video) (initial video release only)

1991 Black on White (video)

1991 Blonde Savage (video) Girl with guy in robe (as Alexanderia Quinn)

1991 Breaking and Entering (video) (as Alexandrea Quinn)

1991 Call Girl (video) (as Alexandra Quinn)

1991 Catfighting 2 (video)

1991 Chicks on Sex

1991 Crude (video)

1991 Cyrano (video)

1991 Double Penetration 4 (video)

1991 Double Take (video)

1991 Dream Cream’n (video)

1991 Edward Penishands (video) Patricia

1991 Fanny Annie (video)

1991 Fixation

1991 Forbidden Desires (video)

1991 Gazongas 3 (video)

1991 I Want to Be Nasty! (video)

1991 Just Friends (video) (as Alexandra Quinn)

1991 Laid in Heaven (video)

1991 Lingerie Busters (video)

1991 Lust for Love (video)

1991 Manbait (video)

1991 Manbait Part 2 (video)

1991 Mischief (video)

1991 Mystified (video)

1991 Personalities (video)

1991 Purple Haze (video)

1991 Randy and Dane (video)

1991 Skin Deep (video)

1991 Special Treatment (video)

1991 Sweet Poison (video)

1991 Taboo IX (video)

1991 The Butt Stops Here (video)

1991 The Devil’s Agenda & Miss Jones (video)

1991 The Easy Way (video)

1991 The Midas Touch (video)

1991 The Perfect Pair (video) Katrina

1991 The Rookies (video) Diane

1991 Twin Cheeks 2

1991 Twin Cheeks 3

1991 Twin Cheeks 4

1991 Venus: Wings of Seduction (video)

1991 Virgin Spring (video)

1991 Wenches (video)

1990 Bite! (video) Samantha

1990 Club Head (video)

1990 Cum Party

1990 Cunt to Cunt

1990 Dane’s Brothel

1990 Deep Dreams

1990 Double Cum

1990 East L.A. Law (video)

1990 Eat ‘Em and Smile! (video) Veronica

1990 Enema 2

1990 Famous Anus

1990 Heartthrob (video)

1990 Hot Diggity Dog Noelle Warden

1990 Jungle Beaver

1990 Night at the Wax Works

1990 Night Cap

1990 Rapture

1990 Renegade

1990 Rock Me

1990 Send Me an Angel (video) (as Alexandra Quinn)

1990 Space Virgins Snickers

1990 Taboo VIII (video)

1990 The Adventures of Billy Blues (video)

1990 The Dane Harlow Story Blonde with Dane at the End

1990 The Danger Zone

1990 The Pawnbroker (video) Space Girl 2 (segment “Attack of the Space Vixens”)

1990 This Butt Stops Here

1990 Trouble Maker

1990 Ultimate Workout (video) Lola

1990 Wild Side

1989 Oral Addiction

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